Grief and the Mushroom Massacre

If the stages of grief were linear, anger would be considered the second stage. But instead, grief is inexact and unconventional, coming in waves, and hitting you in random spurts of time. But I think that might be a good thing, because otherwise the weight of any one of them would be soul crushing. SomeContinue reading “Grief and the Mushroom Massacre”

Coffee + Art//Southern Grounds (Avondale)

Avondale is one of my favorite spots in Jax. However, not living close by means when I’m going to be in the area, I want to take my time there. So since the pups had grooming appointments, I made a day of it on this side of town. I’ve been to Southern Grounds before, butContinue reading “Coffee + Art//Southern Grounds (Avondale)”

Coffee & Sweets// Roundbird

Place: Roundbird Coffee (South African based) Website: Drink: I ordered a Chocolate Strawberry latte with extra 🍫 🍓 . This place was fantastic: from the ambiance to the food, to the staff, to the coffee. Asking about the coffee lead to the staff giving me so many choices- the sky is the limit. SinceContinue reading “Coffee & Sweets// Roundbird”

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